What we offer

The following is a list of resources A COACHING REVOLUTION offers to the athletic community.
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Our seminars can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.  The ideal set-up is to teach the COACHING REVOLUTION curriculum in two, three block modules over a two-day period.  This schedule allows for better small-group interaction, more intense critical thinking, appropriate personal application and productive goal-setting.  We can however, condense the seminar material into a one-day format to work within your staff's schedule.  One and two session seminars are also possible if your team or athletic department has specific issues or interests that they would like to explore. 

#1 A Coaching Revolution (Part 1): The Coach, the Sports Culture and the Athletic Crisis

#2 A Coaching Revolution (Part 2): Coaching Philosophy: A Historical Survey of Athletic Coaching

#3 A Coaching Revolution (Part 3): A Biblical Framework for Coaching: The Coach and their Identity

#4 A Coaching Revolution (Part 4): A Biblical Framework for Coaching: The Coach and their Beliefs

#5 A Coaching Revolution (Part 5): A Biblical Framework for Coaching: The Coach and their Values

#6 A Coaching Revolution (Part 6): A Biblical Framework for Coaching: The Coach and their Practices


One-on-one and staff consultations are a service ACR offers to the coaching community.  It is a personal way to address you and/or your staff's most difficult leadership obstacles.  We offer advice and informed counsel to meet specific needs, as well as, proactive planning to address your strategic path.  Feel free to contact us today to set up an appointment. steven@acoachingrevolution.com

Team Chapels

Team chapels are a regular part of what we do at A COACHING REVOLUTION.  We address a full array of "life" topics that meet the spiritual needs of your players.  If you are ever in need of someone to come in and share biblical truth in a relevant and meaningful way we would be happy to help fill that need.

Educational Sessions

Steven Wright regularly assists organizations, schools and churches through the medium of speaking.  When these opportunities arise he uses them to address both general "life" and sport-specific topics from a biblical perspective.  If you are interested in having Steven come and speak to your group you may contact him at steven@acoachingrevolution.com

Web Resources

A COACHING REVOLUTION'S web resources are located in the "drop-down" box of the "RESOURCES" tab.  All resources are authored by Steven D. Wright unless otherwise indicated and are the property of Steven D. Wright and A COACHING REVOLUTION.  If you would like to copy and distribute any of our materials please contact us via email and we will be happy to assist you.  Thank you.


"Coaching as Discipleship: Exploring the Values and Practices of Coaching in the Game of Football"
If you are interested in attaining an electronic copy of my doctoral dissertation you may contact me through email steven@acoachingrevolution.com and I will gladly send it to you.


A COACHING REVOLUTION is a book that is currently in the process of being written.  It will provide the answer, both historically and culturally, to why a revolution is needed in the coaching community and point practically to how it can be accomplished.  The book is set to be completed in 2012.